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MOTTO : Older people have the right to live in dignity and security and to be free of exploitation and physical or mental abuse

Lakshmi TRUST


ALAMBANA is an exceptional care home offering 24 hour care and support to the aged people. The homes philosophy is to provide its residents with a standard care (including free medical care), in a safe, caring, warm and homely environment in creating a family of Hope, Love and Compassion there by enriching and encaring themselves along with the inmates of the home and transforming their feelings from useless to useful to the inmates of the sevagram, like becoming a grandfather for a orphan


To change the perception about the old age and bring about a shift from pity and helplessness to self- confidence and dignity for older person, ALAMBANA is committed and seeks to reach out to larger audience of older persons and act as a catalyst of change in bridging the gap between generations and ensuring respectful and comfortable life for old people to reassure, assist and be there for older people always in all ways. This is not our profession, this is our passion filled with Humanity, Love and Compassion.

The number of older people with high support needs is growing, but their voices are seldom heard and their lives too often defined in terms of needs and services. These old aged are being forsaken and abandoned by their own families which have paved way to problems and grievances to the aged society. Hence VLCT & RC has initiated a unique project called ”RAVIVASANTHAM-the sevagram which caters all the needs of the old aged people through ALAMBANA such as:


Provide safe shelter to old age people so they can retain their peace and happiness. Shelter is a basic human right for people of all ages, but for older people, the sense of security and comfort that a home provides is particularly important. VLCT & RC particularly created ALAMBANA here we Understand the needs and capacities of older people to create Safety and fall prevention premises and Incorporate old age-friendly features in household such that they can Promote coordination, cooperation and sharing which enables and Ensure that older people participate in house activities as per their capacity


Provide highly quality nutrition food as per the medical conditions of the old age people. In ALAMBANA we maintain hygiene and cleanliness to the core and strictly follow the diet along with regular quality checkups and the menu described by the nutritionist. Aesthetically designed timetable are followed as per schedule to keep the old age people healthy fit and strong.

Break Fast Brunch Lunch Snacks Dinner
8:00-9:00 am 11:00-11:30 am 1:00-2:00 pm 4:00-4:30 pm 7:00-8:00 pm

Nutrition food is not only supplied to the old aged but also we do take care in feeding for those who are critically ill which created a sense of belongingness in the hearts of these old people.


A part time doctor from SANJEEVANI and a full time nurse take care of them and their medical needs. A Periodical visit by the medical officer and the continuous care by the nurse help us to meet the medical needs and the problems of the inmates immediately. All the medical services and the medicines are provided free of cost irrespective of the disease to every patient. Therapeutic services such as physiotherapy services are also part of the daily routine.


Inmate of the ALAMBANA are regularly infused with spiritual activities which makes them psychological and emotionally strong to face the circumstances. Yoga training is also provided for these old aged people to be fit and healthy and attain peace of mind such that they can participate in their day to day activities without any barriers and lesser dependency


ALAMBANA created an atmosphere where all the older people gather together by forming different kinds of clubs like walkers, indoor and outdoor games, dailies, magazines, T.V etc. This kind of activities develops a sense of belongingness and keep them occupied.


Health and financial independence are essential at any age. Unless there is financial independence, there is no independence. Older people’s right to financial independence is stressed at many times, yet older people are frequently denied access to income-earning opportunities, just because of their age. With a little help, many older people can earn enough income from their own capacities and abilities like kitchen gardening, cattle and live stock feeding etc. these activities can provide financial benefits, bring satisfaction and self-esteem, improve and increase respect for older people.


To inculcate sports spirit and unity among themselves and improve their physical and mental strength we conduct various kinds of cultural activities among the inmates. These kinds of activities create a sense of belongingness to home and make them attached more to the sevagram.


we at the sevagram create and provide a family for all those who are forsaken by their own families, ours is a family built with Love and Compassion filled with tears of joy and make every old aged person believe in themselves as they are not useless, instead they are useful thereby becoming a grandfather for an orphan, destitute women etc. Children from ATHMEYA and SAMRAKSHANA help these old aged people in various activities thereby creating a bond of LOVE.